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Newington Metro - call to action!

Updated:  16th August

Thankyou everyone who came on Tuesday night 1st May.
Thankyou to everyone who has already gone to a Sydney Metro info session.

It's not too late to Have Your Say!
We would love strata committees to post a letter,
an email or anyone else, too.  See #5, #6, #7 below.

We need your help.

Newington will have a train tunnel under the suburb by around 2025 to 2028.
However we may not have a station at Newington-Silverwater.  We need to act now.

Everything depends on numbers!
The NSW government is measuring how popular this idea is.

We expect the Coalition to announce its intentions in August or September 2018.

Make yourself known:

Community Forum and Rally

Newington Community Centre, Mon 1st May 6:30pm
Key Speaker:  Luke Foley, MP for Auburn, NSW Leader of the Opposition

Hosted by Newington Precinct 3, P1 South and P1 North committees
Speakers include community leaders and representatives from Newington Marketplace and Business Park.

Sydney Metro official information sessions

Thursday 3rd May, 4pm-8pm
Novotel Sydney Olympic Park, 11 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park
These will be attended by officials from Transport for NSW, to give official answers for planning in progress.
Please let them know how necessary and urgently you need better public transport in Newington.
They will ask your suburb and add up the total — make us count!

Transport for NSW SocialPinPoint website
Drop a pin on your location and give your reasons for 20-minute rail to city
Go Newington, make us count!
The government will be counting these and using this for their decision.

Transport for NSW SocialPinPoint website
Find all your neighbours' pins and give them a 'Like'!
The government will also be counting these.  Just as important as #3.

#5- Send a letter.  Or send an email.
(A nice letter stands out these days!)

Mail: Sydney Metro West, PO Box K659 Haymarket NSW 1240

#6- Live in a strata?  Get your committee to have their say!
Ask them to do one of their own:
 - emails
 - letters — old fashioned mail goes further!

#7- Keep up-to-date with email updates, or check in here:
Subscribe by sending an email to

Not sure what to say?
For some ideas and good reasons to get the Newington Metro, see the attached PDF.
This formed Precinct 3's submission to Metro West / Transport for NSW.

View attachment (2,458k JPG)

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